Verady provides crypto asset verification, accounting, and audit technology products through the Ledgible suite and VeraNet. Financial institutions, corporations, and accounting firms use our products to audit, account, and verify blockchain assets.


We believe platforms, systems and standards are currently lacking around crypto assets – VeraNet and Ledgible are designed to bridge these gaps. Our systems give clients seeking traditional financial verification, reporting and assurance the tools they need to work with cryptocurrency and further its growth and acceptance.

Verady has years of expertise in assuring blockchain data, including pioneering compliance in the field of Bitcoin in 2013. Our team has multiple personnel with over half a decade each of experience in Bitcoin and blockchain. We bring this expertise to bear not only on our products and systems, but to industry participation with organizations like AICPA, Consensus, and the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance.


We are continuously improving our products based on client and market feedback, but see below for an overview of the current product suite’s capabilities:

  • Transformation of native blockchain node data into scalable, normalized and performant data stores for use in financial assurance applications
  • Large-scale audit of crypto assets to verify ownership, test transactions and confirm balances
  • Blockchain reporting and verification across multiple chains
  • Fork tracking functionality
  • ERC20/ERC721 token tracking
  • Stablecoin monitoring to audit supply (mints and burns as well as total dynamic supply)
  • Insider trading compliance tracking through wallet registration and tracking of insider token transactions

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