At Verady, our mission is to become the standard bearer in how blockchain data is acquired, stored, and reported.  Our blockchain data processes are the most rigorous in the industry because we want our clients to have confidence and trust in the data we provide – essentially delivering “Bank Statements for Blockchains”™ and a source of truth for the accounting professionals who rely on our services.    

Since 2016, we have pioneered the transformation of native blockchain node data into scalable, normalized, and performant data stores for use in financial assurance applications and have been the first cryptocurrency accounting platform to have certified integrations with both QuickBooks and Xero.  We continuously expand the list of chains, wallets and exchanges we support.

Below is a list of features that are the underlying foundation of our Ledgible platform:

  • Blockchain Reporting and Verification Multiple Chains (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and many more)
  • Fork Tracking 
  • Asset Discovery via Airdrop and/or Fork
  • Full Token Integration (ERC20 and ERC721)
  • Stablecoin Monitoring Tools
  • Dashboard GUI for Crypto Wallet Portfolios
  • Module Architecture enables Rapid Integration of New Tokens, Chains, and other Assets
  • User-specified Transaction Queries
  • Normalized Cloud-Based Data Stores (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform)
  • Data Harvested in Real Time… we run our own nodes!
  • Continuous Statistical Sampling and Regression Testing
  • Chains Randomly Sampled for Data Integrity
  • Periodic Verification via Independent Third Parties