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A Little About Us

Verady is an Atlanta based company that bridges the gap between blockchain assets and the assurance necessary for peace of mind

Meet Our Team

Verady Team

Kell Canty


Nathan Eppinger


Peter Hoeve


Chris Rodgers

VP Business Dev


Bryan Krohn

CFO Bitpay

Jeff Spence

CEO NexDefense

Russell Smith

President RTS Associates

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Blockchain Audited Assets

We bring our customers an unparallelled level of reporting around the use and financial transactions associated with their blockchain assets. We offer custom reporting for companies holding blockchain assets who want next level visibility that is verifiable, secure, and trusted

P2P decentralized Audit Services

Coming soon! This is a service we are excited to be announcing soon that will offer the ultimate transparency and toolset for secure financial reporting on your blockchain assets through an open-source distributed network

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